Susan Fraser was born and educated in the United States. She has been a research assistant in microbiology labs, the manager of a private botanical garden, several garden centers and has had a keen interest in biology and art throughout her life. 

She hitchhiked around Europe touring galleries, museums and churches. Her art career began while living in Germany. Later she immigrated to Canada and painted commission work based on the abundance of migratory waterfowl and resident owl populations on the Ontario Flyways. A year on Vancouver Island afforded opportunities to paint orcas and  to experience the rich art culture of the west coast.

Susan now resides in the Ottawa Valley, nestled between the Ottawa River and Algonquin Park where she is frequently visited by deer, owls, wolves, moose and Black bear on her acreage.

Her artwork is a result of lifelong study nature and of photography which captures her subjects in their natural state. The most intimate poses are acquired without awareness of a human presence. Susan has an amazing touch for textures, catching the velvet of the deer's antlers and the shine of the eye.

After years of oil and acrylic painting, Susan sharpened her drawing skills with four years of drawing in graphite and charcoal. She is now making a return to color with acrylic painting and pastel drawing/painting.

Her award winning drawings and paintings are in private and corporate collections across Canada and internationally. Susan has been elected into the Society of Canadian Artists and granted Drawing Master status from the Drawing Society of Canada.  She has recently joined the East Central Ontario Artist Association and Pastel Artists Canada.